Okay, I am on Facebook and Google Plus…Now What?

For a couple of years before I joined Facebook, I was on My Space.  My children were all into Facebook and talked about it constantly!  Every time I asked what it was like or if it was better then My Space they just rolled their eyes and informed me that “Facebook is for the college crowd, or recent graduates”.  This always made me feel old  and “out of it”. continue reading




I don’t know why some women have to control everything that surrounds them.  And Lord, let me tell you if they are complaining and griping about the other friends they have, be sure you know that you will also be on that list!  If you think that your friend just talks about everyone else, and that you are so close that she would never talk about or complain about you, you best be thinking again!  Be sure that when she is with those other friends, that talk will now be directed at you.  I know, I know..I don’t understand this either. More

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