The Quest for Sleep


I love the smell of fresh, crisp sheets. Clean sheets always make me look foward to bed time.  It is just one of those little quirks about me.  I always change my sheets on Saturday or Sunday and since I changed them on Sunday this week I was ready to snuggle in and get some good ole zzzzs and start my week off right!  Ha Ha Ha

 I went to bed about 11:00pm last night, set my alarm, snuggled in and there it was, that technicolor movie that flashes  into life as soon as my head hits the pillow and my eyes are closed!  I just don’t get it…. why do I do this?   As I lay there,  everything that has ever happened in my life is replayed in living color.  I check the clock,  it is 11:45.   I decide not to close my eyes, maybe I will get drowsey, slowly my eyes are starting to get heavy..maybe sleep is coming..nope only more movies.  I laid there at midnight watching a replay of me as a child playing in a ditch with my barbie dolls!  What the heck?  I just want to get some sleep!  I check the clock again, now it is 12:30 and I am remembering every thing I have ever read about not getting enough sleep! .. Sleep deprevation ages you, makes you fat, causes stress and bags, oh yes those dreaded bags under the eyes. Remembering this just makes it even harder to go to sleep so I just get up. read more




I don’t know why some women have to control everything that surrounds them.  And Lord, let me tell you if they are complaining and griping about the other friends they have, be sure you know that you will also be on that list!  If you think that your friend just talks about everyone else, and that you are so close that she would never talk about or complain about you, you best be thinking again!  Be sure that when she is with those other friends, that talk will now be directed at you.  I know, I know..I don’t understand this either. More

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