Upgrading to Ipod Touch

About two years ago my computer crashed, all my files for my Ipod Nano 3rd generation were on that computer.   Although we bought a new desktop computer for my husband and a laptop for myself, I  was not smart enough to figure out how to get my Ipod Nano transferred to the new computers.  I tried everything, I bought programs that were suppose to do that, but if they did this ole lady wasn’t able to figure it out, so for the last two years I have listened to the same songs over and over again.  Now I know I have at least five hundred  dollars worth of music and videos on the Nano, but I was aching for some new music!

I studied and studied  mp3 players, Ipods and all of the other brands.  I had a really hard time letting go of my Nano.  I had sworn over and over again that I would never own another apple product.  It irks me how they have such control over their products.  But after much research I decided on the Ipod Touch.  I have to say it is pretty dazzling with all the abilities contained in this one little, super thin device!  Leaves my little Nano out in the cold.  I have enjoyed the apps very much.  So cool to check Facebook, Twitter or play a game of Angry Birds,  but I have to say, the quality of sound when playing music lacks a lot to be desired!  I think they have concentrated so hard on all the other stuff that the audio quality has been lost in the dust!  I find this very disappointing!

Ipod is an MP3 player, so shouldn’t the mp3s sound wonderful when you listen to them?  Yes it is great that it has a speaker, yes it is great that it has the internet, yes it is great that I can check my email while jamming out to my music, but I really could live without all of that.  I probably should have saved myself some money and purchased the Ipod Shuffle, but being the  hightech redneck that I am, I have to have the one that is all it can be!

So..  I check my email, Facebook, Twitter, play angry birds, take pictures, edit my blog all on my Ipod Touch, but when I really want to hear some great sounding music, I pull out the ole 3rd generation Nano.  Some things can’t be improved upon!


I Miss Halloween

Little Old Man and Two Little Clowns.. Halloween 1982

My Little Elephant Halloween 2010

Do you like Halloween?  It has always been one of my favorite times of year.  When my children were young it was  such an exciting day for us.  I usually made their costumes and we met my sisters and their cousins at my mom’s and had a big ole party.  I enjoyed seeing all the children dressed up and some of the parents too.  Seems to me people really got involved in the mood of the day back then, not so much now, here, in this neighborhood.  I had 0 trick or treaters last year! 0!  The year before I had 3.  I love to decorate, but no one else even puts out a jack-o-lantern and most don’t even turn on a porch light!  What is up with these people?!  Who would want to let their kids go knock on someone’s door that does not even have the path lit up?  I don’t even decorate much any more, in fact now October 1st brings a month of depression! More

Okay, I am on Facebook and Google Plus…Now What?

For a couple of years before I joined Facebook, I was on My Space.  My children were all into Facebook and talked about it constantly!  Every time I asked what it was like or if it was better then My Space they just rolled their eyes and informed me that “Facebook is for the college crowd, or recent graduates”.  This always made me feel old  and “out of it”. continue reading



I don’t know why some women have to control everything that surrounds them.  And Lord, let me tell you if they are complaining and griping about the other friends they have, be sure you know that you will also be on that list!  If you think that your friend just talks about everyone else, and that you are so close that she would never talk about or complain about you, you best be thinking again!  Be sure that when she is with those other friends, that talk will now be directed at you.  I know, I know..I don’t understand this either. More

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