Happiness is a Beach

I live in a small city in Southeast Tennessee with my husband and our crazy cat, sissy.  
I am the mom to five grown children and those children have given me ten wonderful grands. If you add my two step daughters and their four children to the mix, I have a large family and I love it.

I would rather be at the beach then any place else I can think of, but because I have to work every day it isn’t possible.  I do spend sometime every year at the beach and dream of retiring and becoming a beach bum!  (don’t really see that happening either)

My ideas and views are usually different from other ladies my age and tend to create a few problems.  I try to steer clear of those kind of conversations when I am at work, but here I can let it all out.  So…hold onto your hat and welcome to This Side of Daylight!


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  1. Karen and Gerard
    Nov 12, 2011 @ 07:07:45

    As soon as I read you have 3 cats, I knew who ruled your house–the cats of course! Really nice meeting you. I’m going to follow you now and look for you on Twitter too!


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