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Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Christmas was wonderful with all the kids and grandkids here! It seems that it was one of the best we have had in years.

Sleepy time

My daughter in her footed pj's for the long drive home on Chirstmas Eve

Christa and Zac

Baby bump contest ( I am afraid Zac won!)

Hanne, Riley, and Brodi in their animal hooded throws.

New Years came in with a bang! I find it hard to believe it is already 2012! Seems like just yesterday we were ringing in 2000! Where does the time go?

The tree downstairs is still up in all it’s glory and it calls to me from time to time to take care not to forget about it. We seldom use the downstairs and I feel it is fine to take my time about taking down the tree and putting away all the ornaments and decorations.

I have made myself take the small upstairs tree down, so the upstairs is totally make to normal now.

I must admit that as much as I love to see the Holidays come, I am just as thrilled to see them end. January is always a month of reflection for me, sometimes I get a little melancholy, but as February starts to come into sight, I start looking forward to the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year filled with many blessings, and that January is not too long and cold.

See You soon.

A Thankful Time of Year

Thanksgiving is a time of year that makes me remember exactly how lucky I am and remember to give thanks for all the things in  my life that I tend to take for granted each and every other day of the year.   I have so much to be thankful for that it would take forever to list them all, so I am going to list the most important ones only.

I am thankful f or my children, they have always brought me so much joy and happiness.  I am so proud of all of them(the ones I have given birth to and the ones I have inherited).  They have all given me the joy of grandchildren, a special kind of joy that only a grandparent can understand.

I am so very thankful for my husband.  We have been together since 1999 and he has been my best friend since the first moment we met.  I was never able to say that before, it was more like my husband was my worst enemy, so I am very thankful for all the love, comfort, and support he is always ready to give me.  He is a super person and husband.

Of course I am so happy to have a home and to have a car that I know will start and take me where I want to go and get me home again.  Also the fact that these things are paid for is also a source of thankfulness!   I am also thankful to  be able to go into my kitchen and always find something there to eat.  (sometimes finding more than I need!)  My heart goes out to parents that struggle every day just to keep food in the bellies of their children and for the homeless that struggle just to find a piece of food and a place to rest their heads.  I try to  always remember that “there but for the grace of God, go I”.

I am extremely thankful for my job.  While so many friends and family are in a place of unemployment at this time I am extremely lucky to not just have a job but to  have one that not only offers insurance,  but also pays the premium for my health and life insurance.

I am so thankful for my sisters, they are always there to give me support whenever I need it.  They have always been so very important to me.  Spending time with them is one of my favorite activities!

I am thankful that I was born, raised, and live in the United States of America.  Yes, we do have our problems, but it is still the grandest nation and I certainly would not want to live anywhere else in this world.

I am so thankful for all my friends and my extended family.  I have so many memories of all of you and hold you close in my heart each and every day.

I hope everyone has the most wonderful Thanksgiving and will take a moment to remember all the wonderful things and persons in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Where I Come From

I am from corduroy pants worn under skirts. I am from Hershey’s home-made hot chocolate on a cool winter morning, and from chasing lightning bugs as dusk fell on a warm summer night.

I am from the small white and brick house in a neighborhood of other small white houses and stand alone garages  that held all kinds of treasure. From push mowers humming in the summer and the smell of fresh-cut grass.

I am from the blue flowered Thrift as it climbed down the side of a river rock wall and from pink blossomed Mimosa Trees from which I could see all of my small world.

I am from large Thanksgiving dinners when my cousins Sandra and Karen and I put on holiday plays about the first
Thanksgiving, while our loving Williams and Campbell families watched and tried to hide their giggles!

I am from a family that is short of patience and long on discipline but full of love and happiness.

I am from “Beauty is as beauty does” and “people who brag really have nothing to brag about”

I am from the Baptist church down the road where the fear of God was felt in every corner and in every pew. Where good old gospel songs were sung on a regular basis and every Wednesday night was a covered dish supper with a big helping of love and happiness served on every plate.

I am from Tennessee with a little of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia thrown in for good measure, from home-made biscuits that my grandmother let me cut out with a bottle cap, to hot black coffee served in a metal cup.

I am from the stories of my great-grandmother and great-aunts, that lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains, having to fight off panthers while trying to make their way home after buying flour and supplies, and of my great-great-grandfather, trying to hide his Native American ancestry so he could fight in the Civil War.

I am from the family bible on the coffee table full of births, deaths and handprints made in grade school, things that meant more than money to me and my family…our lives in black in white.

I am the laughter, love and sharing that comes from a small southern family, I am a stubborn, and strong Southern Lady, and of that I am extremely proud!

This is a writing exercise. You can check this and more out at the following link:

Upgrading to Ipod Touch

About two years ago my computer crashed, all my files for my Ipod Nano 3rd generation were on that computer.   Although we bought a new desktop computer for my husband and a laptop for myself, I  was not smart enough to figure out how to get my Ipod Nano transferred to the new computers.  I tried everything, I bought programs that were suppose to do that, but if they did this ole lady wasn’t able to figure it out, so for the last two years I have listened to the same songs over and over again.  Now I know I have at least five hundred  dollars worth of music and videos on the Nano, but I was aching for some new music!

I studied and studied  mp3 players, Ipods and all of the other brands.  I had a really hard time letting go of my Nano.  I had sworn over and over again that I would never own another apple product.  It irks me how they have such control over their products.  But after much research I decided on the Ipod Touch.  I have to say it is pretty dazzling with all the abilities contained in this one little, super thin device!  Leaves my little Nano out in the cold.  I have enjoyed the apps very much.  So cool to check Facebook, Twitter or play a game of Angry Birds,  but I have to say, the quality of sound when playing music lacks a lot to be desired!  I think they have concentrated so hard on all the other stuff that the audio quality has been lost in the dust!  I find this very disappointing!

Ipod is an MP3 player, so shouldn’t the mp3s sound wonderful when you listen to them?  Yes it is great that it has a speaker, yes it is great that it has the internet, yes it is great that I can check my email while jamming out to my music, but I really could live without all of that.  I probably should have saved myself some money and purchased the Ipod Shuffle, but being the  hightech redneck that I am, I have to have the one that is all it can be!

So..  I check my email, Facebook, Twitter, play angry birds, take pictures, edit my blog all on my Ipod Touch, but when I really want to hear some great sounding music, I pull out the ole 3rd generation Nano.  Some things can’t be improved upon!

Fall Is In The Air

The Trees are just beginning to change

I can feel it coming in the air and I am so ready for it!  Fall is just around the corner and even though it is still warm outside, I can tell that it is here!  I am soooo ready for the coolness in the breeze to blow through my hair and the crisp morning air to waken my body as I head off to work!  I think fall is the very best season, and I am so thankful that I live in a state that allows me to see and feel the changes of the seasons!

Before long the goblins will be knocking at the door wanting their treats, the leaves will be golden yellow, crimson red, and Tennessee orange!  Nothing makes my body and mind come to life more than a cool, crisp, sunny fall day!

I can already smell the pumpkin bread and pumpkin pies baking in the oven and hear the voices and laughter of friends and family as we gather around the table for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner!  I can see the bright eyes of the grandkids as the turkey is placed in the center of the table and hear the calm breathing as everyone, with bellies full, relaxes with a hot cup of peppermint tea or a wonderful glass of wine after a delicious dinner!

Ah yes, fall is in the air, and I can’t wait!

change is coming

How Did I Get This Old?!!

Me and my grand-daughter on her 13th birthday

Me and my grand-daughter on her 13th birthday

The only time I usually feel my age is first thing in the morning and after I get off work in the afternoon.  At these times I can tell by the aches and pains that age is slowly ( well maybe not so slowly, ha) creeping up on me, but this weekend I am mentally feeling my age.

This weekend is my oldest daughter’s 20 year high school reunion, really?  OMG, how can that be, I thought mine was just a couple of years ago, but I guess when I really think about wasn’t, it was 20 years ago!  The last time I mentally felt my age was on my 30th birthday, I looked in the mirror and suddenly realized I was not 18 any more!   I was able to extinguish that three alarm fire by gaining a “Free To Be Me” attitude which brought me the ability to care less about what other people thought and more about what I thought and how I felt about things.  I have kept that attitude now for over 28 years.   But this is different, I don’t believe I am going to be able to will this anguish away. More

I Miss Halloween

Little Old Man and Two Little Clowns.. Halloween 1982

My Little Elephant Halloween 2010

Do you like Halloween?  It has always been one of my favorite times of year.  When my children were young it was  such an exciting day for us.  I usually made their costumes and we met my sisters and their cousins at my mom’s and had a big ole party.  I enjoyed seeing all the children dressed up and some of the parents too.  Seems to me people really got involved in the mood of the day back then, not so much now, here, in this neighborhood.  I had 0 trick or treaters last year! 0!  The year before I had 3.  I love to decorate, but no one else even puts out a jack-o-lantern and most don’t even turn on a porch light!  What is up with these people?!  Who would want to let their kids go knock on someone’s door that does not even have the path lit up?  I don’t even decorate much any more, in fact now October 1st brings a month of depression! More

Okay, I am on Facebook and Google Plus…Now What?

For a couple of years before I joined Facebook, I was on My Space.  My children were all into Facebook and talked about it constantly!  Every time I asked what it was like or if it was better then My Space they just rolled their eyes and informed me that “Facebook is for the college crowd, or recent graduates”.  This always made me feel old  and “out of it”. continue reading

Dancing With My Son

Mother and son dance

Dancing with my son

I have five wonderful children. Three of them are sons. My oldest son recently married the girl of both our dreams and it was a beautiful and wonderful day. The bride was beautiful! The groom was handsome! And the Mother of the groom was ecstatic! continue reading

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